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No claims are made or implied in this piece and all text is for guidance and general information.  Specifics are reserved for actual consultations. I have been effecting these treatments since the early 1970s and have treated thousands of individuals.  Each year, some 700 sessions are carried out here and that has been the case since 1999.

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of the immune system and the way it seems to work is by fundamental hydraulic pressure.  All nutrients needed for the body to work correctly are transported via the blood to all parts of the body.  The movement of lymph is effected by muscle contraction and release hence it is important to exercise correctly, using passive stretches such as that taught in our classes.  We have found some who have an element of fibromyalgia respond to the deep tissue massage and over time, the condition may be relieved.

The blood carries red and white corpuscles and other cells designed to protect the body from viruses and bacteria, cancerous cells and toxins.  If we think of the arteries as the high pressure system, then the nutrients and water have to migrate into the cells at a lower pressure.  Thus they cannot get back in to the high pressure arteries.

Once the energy store, the glycogens, are used toxic products such as lactic acid are found in the muscle tissue and have to be cleared before any more fresh blood can be effective.  Once the blood is used by the organs, muscles or whatever, the product and waste has to be got back to the heart to be pumped through the liver and kidney to be cleansed before re-entering the blood system and re-oxygenated in the lungs.

This is done by the action of the muscles and as the lymphatic system has no pump as such, inactivity will reduce this effectiveness and worsen the situation.

If the lymphatic system is sluggish or blocked, damaged or removed during an operation, the toxins build up and little or no new blood can get in to the muscles.  It is common for those with post surgical situations such as masectomy will have had several lymph nodes removed and manual intervention is taught as self help in some hospitals.
That same criteria is offered here and with our long experience many find it far better to have it done for them during a massage treatment.
Female and male breast tissue is a common site of problems arising from sluggish lymph and as with all things, an element of prevention is preferable to trying to deal with the consequences.  If allowed to congest, in women particularly, the breast tissue may become very painful.  The muscles underneath the bulk of the tissue becomes sore and difficult to move freely. Hence pain, loss of energy, exhaustion, lymphoedema and often, depression sets in.
Manual drainage is very important and self help is often taught. In our experience, using one hand cannot clear the deep tissue and it is included in the full body treatments with Tony since studying the methods in the 1970's. The effect is quite dramatic in many cases and it is found that regular deep lymphatic massage does seem to help recovery from ME.
Where there has been no surgery, the effects are commonly that the legs and hips feel heavy, the waist is sluggish, periodic lumps appear in the breast tissue and  the menstrual cycle is disrupted.  Often, lower legs become swollen and the extremities feel cold.  We find a tendency to eat fatty and comfort foods, thus exacerbating the situation.  Post surgery where lymph nodes have been removed, it is quite effective in relieving odema and discomfort as well as stimulating recovery.
By stimulating the lymphatic system, the body is encouraged to return to normality and good health.  All massage systems stimulate a degree of superficial lymph circulation but the subject is highly complex and demands a comprehensive understanding of the body systems to perform effective therapy.
We will be pleased to talk to you about the need for this procedure but nothing that is said or implied replaces nor is intended to offer any medical opinion and medical advice should be sought in all cases of undiagnosed lumps or health concerns. 

Neither does this passage condone or authorise any person whether qualified or not to touch any person without full informed consent and compliance with all relevant regulations and protocols.  Lymph drainage should not be performed on children under 12 years without sound investigation.
Men store fats differently to women and the incidence of problems of lymphodema is greater in women.  Men should exercise regularly and reduce internal fats around the gut with proper diet.  Sitting at a desk all day without a regular walk is asking for problems.

If you wish for a chaperone or for your partner, parent, relative to be in the room at the time of your treatment, this is quite usual and all you have to do is ask.  No-one will touch you without your consent and full understanding of what may be appropriate for your condition. 
Please also read the article found in the menu to the left of this page labelled Breast Lymphatic Drainage.
For those who have been abused you may care to read the page on Massage. We are highly experienced in offering suitable and appropriate treatment sessions. 
If you do not want any part of your body to be touched, just say so. That is your right. We shall not be offended if you do say this and would prefer that you do so.

Tony  November 2012



The courses necessary to commence being able to practice take years to complete.  Nothing on this site and in particular, this web page should be attempted by a novice.