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Do you have Healing Hands and wish to learn more about the arts?
The Practical application of 'Hands on Healing', Chi Healing and so called 'Hands of Light"  are all part of these classes. How to interact with others, how to offer healing energy, healing circle and how to make the most of your natural ability is the main objective of this course. 
The Chi-Do Chi Kung Class is a popular class for all levels.  Since 1995 something over 900 people have received tuition in the arts of Chi-Do Chi Healing and Meditation.

Each Thursday evening at 7.30pm we have a class at the Chi Clinic.  Each one who attends is on a path of Self Discovery and each has their own experiences. 

The Chi Kung that is taught here is unique, based upon ancient traditions and does not employ the symbols of Reiki.  
Methods from other arts are taught and in the spirit of Universal Love, what ever is the root of the arts is respected and applied.  These healing energies are found all over the world in one form or another and some say, may be found in ancient writings from 10,000 years ago.

A number of forms are taught.  The Chi-Do Animal Form for daily exercise as a balance of the external Yang and the internal Yin through body fitness.  Different exercises to develop posture, balance, spiraling energy,  generation of internal chi, storage of energy and core strength exercises.
The Five Elementals form is for many, a moving experience and is used to clear energy, to train the mind and spirit to attune to the One Energy.  This form was designed to give the best opportunity to develop self awareness and healing ability.  The form is described on another page on this web site.

The next step is the Chi-Do 26 form.  This is not merely for internal and external balancing, but is a spiritual form for increasing levels of awareness.  It is this form that is taught to those who wish to practice 'Hands on Healing' or to use healing energy in a therapeutic massage session.

Apart from that, the evening is a forum for meeting others of like mind, developing self confidence and pure social interaction with the group as a whole.

Beginners and Advanced of all ages are welcome.

It is through the practice of Chi Kung that the healing skills may be learned.  Many healers have trained at The Chi Clinic and over the last 15 years that this has been taught, over 900 students have received tuition in Hands on Healing. 

Chi Kung (Qigong) is very much for the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit.  The breathing exercises and meditation sessions are very important to good health. This form of exercise is designed to facilitate movement and encourage mobility.
All those who are able to think freely and independently, without prejudice or dogma will find themselves in good company. 
The tuition is precise and each is given personal training to suit their individual ability.

Be like water

Sunset in Thailand

Chalra meditation

The beauty of nature is all around us.  Chi Kung is Life itself and an understanding that a thing is perfect when it 'just is' and not when it tries to be what it is not.  A petal is perfect at any stage of it's life for it seeks to be nothing else and has no ego or wish to please.  It compares itself to no other and is not ruled by the whims of others.
To develop the individuality of oneself is the ultimate task.
To Be is perfect.

'If One is but a grain of sand on a beach, then the beach is incomplete without you.  Join with Love in your heart and be one with the whole'  Copyright Tony Hardiman 
The thought given to students in 1995 by Master Tony, who has practiced Chi Kung and Martial Arts for over 50 years and is a Tai Chi Gold medalist.

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