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28TH & 29TH SEPTEMBER 2019
A very popular weekend for Improvers, Instructors & Dedicated Players!
High level tuition by one of Europe's most popular Masters!

Cheam Seminars September 2017 and 2018 (10th Year)

 Our 9th year of hosting Master Faye's Cheam Seminars was very successful once again with many enthusiasts returning to train with this very popular Master & continue their Tai Chi & Qigong development, as well as some newcomers.  This year we welcomed back instructor friends & their students from the local area as well as further afield ie: Norfolk, Dorset, Somerset, Hants, Sussex, Surrey, London.... 

Master Faye started by guiding us through various Preparation Exercises & Stretching Qigong in readiness for the "Master Class in Tai Chi 24 Forms" that followed, covering Technique/Function, Stances & Transitions which were explained in detail, demonstrated & practiced as a group.  Everyone felt privileged to be part of a day of such insight!



 Sunday morning started with Taiji Kung Fu Fan for all levels from Instructors to Beginners.  We started with Master Faye guiding us in many different ways of Opening & Closing Fan Techniques & Warming up the body, then all the basic footwork, stances & techniques as an Introduction to developing Section 5 of the 52 Forms which involves Chen Style Tai Chi as the opening stances.  We worked a lot on correct position, stance, co-ordination & power generation for the explosive aspects of these movements which was very much appreciated.  Fan is such an exhilarating practice & simply developing each movement feels such an achievement.  Well done to all participants, especially those new to this form!


Sunday afternoon started with Master Faye leading us through Health Qigong - 6 Healing Sounds, which has soft & gentle movements & breathing techniques to express different sounds to strengthen & balance the energy of the internal organs.  This was a lovely way to start the afternoon after lunch.  We then practiced Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Steps with Vicky leading the group so that Master Faye could assess our standard & needs.  We were given a talk on the meaning of Daoyin & aspects of practice - Rotation - Extension - Breathing - Mind.  We then were given a detailed guide through the first 4 movements of the form with encouragement for correct application & focus.  After a short break, we were encouraged to practice these 4 movements with the above aspects of practice which helped to deepen our techniques & the feeling of Qi flow & body mechanics.


The weekend came to its conclusion all too quickly & we said "Lao Shi Zai Jian" to Master Faye for another year!

I'm sure that everyone who attended will say "What an incredible weekend!"


Cheam Seminars October 2016

 Our 8th year of hosting Master Faye's Cheam Seminars was a great success once again with many enthusiasts returning to continue their Tai Chi & Qigong development as well as some newcomers.  This year we welcomed instructor friends from the local area as well as further afield ie: Norfolk, Dorset, Somerset, Hants & Sussex.   Instructors brought some of their students to give a lovely family feel to the weekend, where groups from different areas met to learn together.  

Master Faye was on top form giving each Seminar a different twist to previous years & building on Tai Chi Principles for technical ability both physically & intentionally.  The focus on Saturday for Improvement of Tai Chi 24 Forms was on the 'Use of the Hips & Waist' & Faye gave us instructions for each of the movements in the form with demonstrations of Martial Applications to show the function of the forms.  We also paired up for some partner work to try out our techniques.  It was lovely to see so many players helping each other, having some great experiences together.


Sunday's Seminars started with the practice of Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Changing Classic) as a warm up for Taiji Kung Fu Fan.  Then we were treated to many different ways of manouvering the Fan - Opening/Closing - Circling & Spiraling - Visualisations for improved practice with clear guidance for movements.  All the major stances were covered too.  Those of us that practice this form regularly were asked to give a demonstration to the official uplifting music.  Faye then guided everyone through the last 2 sections of the form giving tips for development. 
Fan practice is always such great FUN!


Sunday's afternoon Daoyin 12 Step Seminar started with the practice of Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin (8 Treasures / Brocade) as a Warm Up.  As this group was of mixed levels from Beginners to Instructors, Faye guided us through the form before giving a talk about unity of the Mind, Body & Breathing during practice>  She quoted from the Taoist classic 'Tao Te Ching' & talked of preserving the Real Qi.  By using the shapes of the movements of the form as a vehicle to connect with energy awareness & improve our Qi flow.  We then practiced this beautiful Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong form with mindfulness to create the Qi state - together as one!


Cheam Seminars October 2015

For the 7th year we were pleased to welcome Master Faye to Cheam along with many Tai Chi & Qigong friends returning & also some new faces joining us.  This was the biggest one yet!  Once again Master Faye dazzled us with her experience, knowledge, friendly, happy demeanor & expertise. She has a way of being able to plan an incredible session once she has assessed what is required, to give everyone something to take away to develop each person at whichever place they are on their 'Tai Chi Journey'.  




Saturday's Tai Chi 24 Forms for Improvers Seminar started with the forever evolving 'Faye Special' Warm Up including stretching & Qigong.  We practiced the whole form twice as an extended warm up & for Faye to assess the level of teaching required.  We were given a detailed explanation & practice of each movement with the added brilliance of the interweaving of the 10 Principles within each section of the form.  This gave us the 'golden nuggets' to build upon what went before, to develop a deepening picture of Tai Chi for students of all levels from those who have just completed the form to Instructors of many years.  Nine players decided to take the opportunity to have their 24 Forms assessed by Master Faye, combating/facing their own nervousness to perform in small groups, to be given some feedback/critique for further progression & development of their Tai Chi & their character.  Everyone did very well & those who were there to observe & support very much enjoyed the performances.


Sunday morning's session was on Taiji Kung Fu Fan 52 Form which started like maybe all Sunday mornings should - a dynamic warm up with everyone in a circle walking around the room to get us moving developed into stepping, co-ordination, stances training, working through all the major joints & muscle groups then a time of stillness, balancing & Qigong with soft music.  Dynamism & Grace! Yin & Yang! Everyone was guided slowly through the whole of the 52 Form before working on some of the basic opening & closing of the Fan with circular movements as an introduction for Beginners & to refresh & deepen understanding for Improvers & Instructors alike.  Faye used Section 3 of the form to teach further use of the 10 Principles of the previous days session, to give tips for learning & improvement & show common mistakes in a light hearted way.  An explanation of the history & martial applications of the use of the Fan/Sword techniques was given with demonstrations.


Sunday afternoon's session was on Health Qigong - Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Step (Health Preservation Exercises) for all levels.  Master Faye guided us all very well through the whole 12 movements in one afternoon, explaining the physical movements, names, theory, benefits & set a lovely calm atmosphere for us to tap into, to attain a deeper level of practice, to feel & enjoy this wonderful system with its many extensions & rotations, within our own comfort zones.  There were many serene faces at the end of the practice!

All in all, this was the best one yet!  Master Faye's Seminars seem to get better & better each time as she develops, we develop & therefore have more to realise & share.  It is with the practice & love of these arts that Faye teaches, sharing from the heart for all who come into contact with her to see & feel.

Cheam Seminars September 2014

We were pleased to welcome Master Faye to Cheam for the 6th consecutive year.  She had recently returned from Tianjin, China where she was invited to participate at the Annual Meeting of New Champions 2014 organised by the World Economic Forum where she delivered morning Tai Chi & Health Qigong sessions to the delegates from 90 countries in readiness for their day, gave an interview about the benefits & history of the arts & sat on a panel of top innovators and talked about 'Ancient Wisdom to Improve Modern Life', putting Tai Chi on the business agenda.   She has been traveling more over the past couple of years and as well a teaching seminars in the UK & Europe, Faye has been teaching in Japan, New Zealand & Australia so we felt honoured to have her personal tuition once again. 


On Saturday 27th September 2014, 22 Tai Chi enthusiasts, improvers & instructors gathered at Cheam Priory Centre from Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucester, Herts, Hants, Sussex, Surrey, Middx, London, Scotland & Ireland to learn & develop their practice.  Master Faye took us through a 'Deyin Special' Warm Up which included loosening all the joints, stretching & stance training to prepare the body for the work ahead.  Time for us to practice Tai Chi 24 Forms, everyone together, then again whilst Faye assessed the level of experience & planned for the day's activities.  We were treated to an indepth insight into each movement, with correct position & timing including how to incorporate GM Yang Cheng Fu's 10 Essential Principles of Taijiquan into the practice of each movement with tips for improvement, corrections & anecdotes, sayings & experience of her Father, Prof Li Deyin's teaching over many years.  The way Faye cleverly interwove all the information & expressed it in such a practical way, made it seem very simple. 

The mark of a great teacher!


On Sunday 28th September, we spent a 'Fan-tastic' morning learning Taiji Kung Fu Fan 52 Form.  Master Faye took us through her 'Deyin Special' warm up once again this time adding some extra stance training as there are a few added stances in the Fan form.  She slowly built up the movements by practicing drills starting with one handed circles, opening & closing the fan, then two handed movements then added footwork to introduce most of the movements necessary before taking us step by step through the first section of the Form.  This was very helpful for Beginners to the Fan, Beginners to the Form but not the Fan & those who have been learning this Form & Instructors too, as everyone learned to a deeper level.  It was such fun to practice the Section together at the end then to watch 'with open mouths' as Master Faye was requested & agreed to give us a demonstration which was 'Beautiful!'



On Sunday 28th September 2014 we spent a lovely afternoon revisiting Health Qigong - Ba Duan Jin or 8 Treasures / Brocade with Master Faye who is President of the British Health Qigong Association.  Master Faye introduced the afternoon session with a Warm Up, Seated on the floor, preparing the body for Health Qigong practice by gently stretching our legs, aligning the spine & quieting the mind.  We then got to our feet & practiced each of the 8 Treasures in turn with an indepth look at correct practice, posture, benefits & theory of which channels we are working, with demonstrations, practice & time for questions when necessary. 
Before we knew it, the whole weekend was over, so fast!   Such an interesting weekend, full of content & inspiration to practice more.  Huge thanks to Faye for sharing her time, energy & experience with us once again, not to mention her passion for the arts she teaches.
Here are some of the comments we've received about the weekend.
"Thank you very much for organising the very enlightening & enjoyable weekend of workshops"
"Many thanks for organising last weekends course with Master Faye.  As always, she was a brilliant teacher & an inspiring presence"
"Thank you for being so warm & welcoming - I had a great day on Saturday - well worth the trip from Cornwall!" 
"Great to see you & everyone on Saturday.  I thought Faye's seminar on the 24 was very good & the way she used the Tai Chi Principles to explain things put a different take on the usual format of seminars".
 "Thanks for a super weekend - hope to be able to come along next year".
"How I feel about the whole Faye week-end: golden nuggets, inspired and knowing that the learning journey will never end.  What more could I want with such wonderful teachers and friends!"

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