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Tony's Treatment Room

Some people are unsure of what to expect from Alternative and Complementary therapies.  Some may be very shy about their bodies or being touched or may have had some unfortunate experiences.  Our methods are useful in overcoming such trauma and often, may lead to a full restoration of confidence.  The consultation is of course, in absolute confidence and many find the opportunity to 'let go' without judgement or fear of consequence is extremely valuable.
It is always our wish that a patient's right to be informed is observed and feel that this is very important.  We take great care to assess and suggest appropriate treatments by agreement with the patient or client.  Your comfort at a time when you may feel quite vulnerable is our primary objective.
You are in charge and no-one will touch you in a treatment unless you wish it.
Spouses are welcome to come in to the treatment room or a friend and often, double appointments are made so that both get treatment on the same day.
We perform on average 800 to 900 treatments each year and have done so since 1999.  Since the clinic was established, more than 9500 people have had treatment with us.  Many are regulars and some we see with years in between.  Over 1.000 have received tuition in the arts and some have qualified with us as therapists and trainers.  We register approx 30 new clients/patients each month from recommendations alone.  Tony is highly experienced in how to treat prenatal, pregnancy and post natal for the most benefit.  Morning sickness and distension often can be eased with our treatments.
Fees from 1st January 2017
Treatment cost £50 per session with Tony for acupressure, Lymphatic drainage massage, injuries and what most term, an MOT. In this the whole body is involved.  This is the usual mode of treatment and is useful in regaining confidence, releasing deep emotional trauma or just to 'Get it off your chest' in complete confidence with no judgmental attitudes or consequences.
For acupuncture with Vicky, £45. A skilled therapist with a kind and welcoming attitude to suit all ages.  Vicky will no longer do massages due to an injury
Regular students and members of The Chi-Do Association will pay £45 with Tony and £40 with Vicky. 
Special cases such as Half hour Auricular, minor sprain or maintenance for minor injury, £35. 
No 'cures' are ever claimed but very few do not find relief from whatever ails them. 
It is important that you do not have any other manipulative techniques once treatment here is commenced.  
It is often the case that one is said to be able to talk someone ill or to talk someone well.  The attitudes here are welcoming, informal and friendly. We treat each person as an individual and actually care about the outcome of a session here.



We use no chiropractic, Osteopathy or forced manipulation.


The traditional arts used here have been in use for thousands of years. 


Mr Hardiman began his study in 1953.  This is his 60th year of practice.


After an appointment has been made, you will be asked for a medical history and the proposed treatment explained in full.  You will be asked to sign a consent form and asked if you have any reservations or questions about ‘hands on’ treatment.Many injuries involve the application of acupressure to points that might involve contact with the pubic area and under the breast.  The ligaments and muscles in those areas are critical and often subject to tearing and other injury.  Even where you have already given consent and requested treatment, you should tell the therapist if you are not comfortable.It is common for treatments to take 3 or 4 sessions and the effects may not be experienced for some 3 days following the treatment. 


During the period between treatments here, you should not have any other physical treatment or start self medication. You may be asked to wear a sling and to rest. 

Those aged under 16 must have a parent or guardian present and those between 16-18, we will need to have parental consent.


Advice from a medical practitioner and prescribed drugs must be continued.

The Consent Form.


Exclusions.  Here you are able to list any precautions or Faith concerns to avoid treatments that you do not want

Treatment will include any of the following.    Full body Lymphatic drainage massage,   Acupressure  . Acupuncture.  Shiatsu.   Reflexology,  Injury or Sports therapy.   Electro therapy.  Moxibustion , Chi Healing, Meditations and other necessary methods of therapy.  Assessments may include asking you to demonstrate movement whilst not fully clothed.

A full body massage with oil on skin treatment involves the removal of clothing as required for the extent of the treatment to be applied. This may involve removal of all clothing. The treatment will involve the use of acupressure points that in some cases are in intimate areas. These will not be touched without your consent at the time. Lymphatic drainage involves the massage of female breasts and the release of lymph nodes also will involve those in the groin area. Examination of pectoralis muscle and deltoids will involve deep investigation of the deep fascia across the chest. All muscles are worked upon including the inner thigh.

Towel draping is used where appropriate on the areas not exposed to being treated or may be dispensed with at your request. 

If you wish for a chaperone, please tell the therapist before commencing the session.

I request and consent to the above treatments and I will tell the therapist of any queries or wish to stop the treatment.


NB  Consultations may be recorded on a voice recorder.


Please ring for an appointment on 020 8641 3756.  Any appointment is subject to a cancellation charge of £25 if you do not keep the date and time or fail to give 24 hours Notice of wish to change the appointment.  Saturdays are especially busy and sought after.  Your co-operation is crucial so, please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep or wish to change your appointment.  Thank you.