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The Yin / Yang symbol
Eternal blending and energy

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A worthwhile life in Tai Chi is built on sound principles”

Focus is on the 24 forms with gentle exercises to strengthen the body, improve balance, falls prevention, easing Arthritic conditions and gaining self confidence through personal tuition from beginners to advanced.   A class of 10 -15  friendly, welcoming students and a relaxed approach to tuition. 
Quite apart from the physical aspects or external, in these classes we look at the internal arts, the breathing, the spiritual aspects that pertain to all such arts.  As such, the training is more intense than in many other schools and Tai Chi classes. 
We welcome new beginners each Wednesday evening at 7pm at The Chi Clinic, details below. 
As our students progress, they need to help beginners to get the basics and thereby improve their own knowledge and how to teach.  We take from our students those with good ability and train them to become instructors.
£10 per session or £80 for 10 consecutive classes. 
Instructor training and tuition in Yang 32 sword form is offered to selected students after a minimum of 2 years training in these arts.
For those who can effectively perform the 24 forms, the class is open to non members at a cost of £15 to include 24 step and 32 sword from 7pm to 9pm.
Our students have been awarded Gold medals in the London Traditional Taijiquan Competition.  In 2015 we took 8 students and came away with 18 medals.  This is indicative of the quality of tuition. For two years running, since we first entered our Beginners, a Gold Medal for the Best Beginner has gone to our students.

Entering 'Snake creeps down'

It has been an important part of the work at the Chi Clinic to provide post therapy classes where a return to fitness may be made fun and where one might learn an art that is practiced worldwide.
Tony has been teaching such forms since 1963 in several manners or disciplines.  Chi-Do Animal Forms exercises are a safe way to exercise and strengthen all the systems of the body, to prepare the mind for learning, to free the Chi meridians, to cleanse the body with passive stretches and to learn more about who you are
The 24 forms simplified Yang style is taught from the opening postures to conclusion with indications of the applications and the free flow of Chi energy.  Tony is a Gold medalist in this form and a highly respected teacher, registered as an Advanced Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.  The classes are a little informal and allow each to learn at their own rate with the benefit of a highly experienced teacher.

Chi Kung for the more experienced

The classes are held each Wednesday evening from 7pm till 8.30 followed by advanced, 32 sword and instructor training till 9pm.. 

Please arrive a few minutes before 7 if you can but latecomers are not turned away.

We start by warming up and then do stretching exercises followed by the Tai Chi 24 forms and some meditation.  Classes finish with the Ba Duan Jin or 8 Pieces of Brocade for warming down and meditation.

 It is essential that you disclose any medical condition that may affect your ability to do moderate exercise and if you are feeling unwell at any time.

Class fees are £10 per session per student who is employed or £80 for 10 consecutive lessons.  A student may be accepted from the age of 14 to 70.  Class sizes are limited so please book your place and expect to attend regularly to get the best out of the teaching.  
In all classes the deeper spiritual aspects of chi energy are taught and through replication of the techniques, each student is taught to a high level of awareness.  We teach instructors at these classes so beginners are always welcome and there is always someone there to give one to one attention for a period in the class.  Friendly encouragement with good humour.

Gathering Chi

Tai Chi Applications Seminars in the manner of Chi-Do are held occasionally on Sunday's.  Not the traditionally taught applications but those developed over many years involving spiraling energy, Fibonacci principles and the use of physics as well as body fitness training and Self Defence. 
The 24 forms is seen by some as a starter class but with correct training it has everything you will need to progress to more complicated forms. The depth of learning is quite simply vast.  The only limit is your own learning ability and attitude.  At any age from 14 to 80 is the right time to start learning.
If you want to just treat it as an exercise form, that is one approach but for insights into the workings of Chi energy and how to use this for promotion of good, holistic health and mind, then a good, highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher is essential.

The long classes are proving to be a valuable forum for exchange of ideas and concepts.  Immersion in an art is the best way to learn and to allow the time to just play, where there is no competitiveness or ego builds confidence and ability. 

£10 FOR EXISTING STUDENTS & £15 FOR VISITORS. Please ensure that you arrive before the class starts at 10.30 am.  There will be short break for lunch at 12.30 and finish at 3pm. Please remember to bring something to eat as it takes too long to go to the shops in a half hour break.



The 24 forms postures.  
Opening form, part the wild horses mane, crane spreads its wing, brush knee and step, strum the lute, repulse the monkey, grasp the sparrows tail, turn to grasp the sparrows tail right, enter single whip, wave hands like clouds, single whip into pat on high horse, kick with heel right, box the ears, kick with heel left, snake creeps down to the left, golden rooster stands on one leg, snake creeps down to the right, golden rooster into fair lady plays with shuttles right and left, pick up the needle from sea bottom, flash hands, turn and back fist, parry and strike, false closing, closing form.

Contact us on 020 8641 3756 to book a place on this class.