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Health Qigong - Ba Duan Jin
8 Treasures / Brocade
Regular sessions with Vicky @ The Chi Clinic
Booking essential - £10 per session
SATURDAY'S @ 11.30 AM - 12.45
Sept 9th & 23rd - Oct 7th - Nov 4th, 11th, 25th - Dec 2nd
Please book in advance as places are limited!
 Improve your all round fitness, suppleness & co-ordination by practicing this modern version of ancient Chinese exercises which incorporate the whole body, mind & breathing.  Practice these beneficial techniques in a calm, focused way to gain greater control over your body & strengthen your core. 
Learn to connect with yourself on a deeper level,
getting in touch with your inner self.
A good way to a happier, healthier you!
Health Qigong - Ba Duan Jin
8 Treasures / Brocade
 Regular weekly sessions with Vicky @ Cheam Priory Centre
 TUESDAY'S 7.15 - 8.30 PM
 as part of the Tai Chi class
Health Qigong - Yi Jin Jing
(Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic)
Regular weekly sessions with Vicky @
Longmead Centre, Epsom for OVER 55's
TUESDAY'S @ 10 - 11 AM
Tai Chi Essentials & Health Qigong class 
Regular weekly sessions with Vicky @ The Chi Clinic, Cheam for all
THURSDAY'S @ 9.30 - 10.30 AM
Health Qigong - Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic)
Health Qigong - 5 Animals Play
Regular weekly sessions with James in Dorking, Surrey
Tel: 07813 337046 for details
 Private Tuition, Corporate Wellness, Team Building & Groups
By arrangement

One Day Seminars for Beginners & Improvers
& BHQA Instructor Revalidation
Next be confirmed

Monthly Half Day Seminars
with Vicky at The Chi Clinic on Saturday's
Health Qigong - Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa
12 Step Health Preservation Exercises
Upcoming Seminars on Saturday's at
11.30 am til 2 pm
    Sept 30th - Oct 21st - Nov 18th - Dec 16th
Booking now!


Created by Prof Zhang Guang De of the Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Institute at Beijing Sports University & adopted & in recent years, promoted all over the world by the Chinese Health Qigong Association as one of their 9 Health Qigong Systems to benefit the health & wellbeing of humankind.

This beautiful system consists of intricate movements that connect the body, meridians & musculature with the mind & breath.  With each movement comes a visualisation from either the natural world or Chinese art & culture, which gives a specialness to the practice of the form which can be performed to the calm music specially written to enhance practice. 

Vicky is teaching regular monthly half day seminars for Beginners which have been popular with those learning other Health Qigong or Tai Chi forms as well as complete beginners.  Although this routine requires a higher level of co-ordination & agility it can be simplified for all to work within their own comfort zones & can even be practiced from a seated position. 


Please enquire if you are interested in any future dates
& we will put you on our mailing list!



Health Qigong - Wu Qin Xi - 5 Animals Play Seminars
Deer clashing antlers is a dynamic & powerful movement which emulates the strong gracefulness of the Deer.  This is very beneficial to the suppleness of the waist & spine whilst keeping balance through the lower body.  The co-ordination of the change of hand shapes from hooves to antlers helps the brain function for improved concentration, mind & body connectedness.  The whole movement is done smoothly, under control & within each persons natural ability & comfort zones.  With practice comes improvement, happiness & joy!



HQ - Ba Duan Jin - One Day Seminar for Improvers
On Sunday 20th September 2015 we held a One Day Seminar looking at depth of practice & improvement of one of the most popular Health Qigong systems, Ba Duan Jin (8 Treasures/Brocade).  BHQA Instructors travelled from Derby, Dorset & Hants for Revalidation purposes as well as more local students improving their technique.  Vicky enjoyed teaching & sharing her experience & insights with her friends & colleagues.  It was a great day!  Many thanks to all who came to share the day. 
Here's some feedback received afterwards.
 Everyone has been saying how much they enjoyed it and we felt the level was pitched just right. We have been slowing down the BDJ for a short while now to try and get more depth and focus but it was so good going back to complete stillness in between every move. I have already incorporated it in to a couple of classes since I got back although I have explained that it is something I learned from your workshop as I always like to give any credit to the person I learn something from if possible.
I did say thank you for a lovely day, but thank you for the very sensitive approach, not - ‘this is the way it must be done’,- but - ‘during my research I discovered this is the way it could be done’,- very thought provoking and yes it did remind us of the way we had been taught in the very first place, and how we may have changed it ourselves over time.  
Thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday :-)  I’ve already been making good use of all of your great teaching points and explanations. Your instruction was so clear and I felt a strong connection. It was a privilege to share the day with everyone and I came away feeling inspired.
 I enjoyed the day as well, it's so nice to be able to take your time and think about what we are doing.
 Many thanks for your comments and picture.  I really enjoyed my day and your instruction.  Looking forward to seeing you at future events.
Great time thank you very much all good and great to have your insight on the BDJ loving the stillness aspect will look at that myself for the set when teaching to bring that connection back to mind/body all the time.


London Competition of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan & Health Qigong Sunday 1st June 2014 at Clissold Leisure Centre, Hackney, London.

This was our 3rd year of attending & participating in the London Competition of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan & Health Qigong, which is well organised by Gary Wragg & his team from Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Bethnal Green on behalf of the Tai Chi Union for GB & their Judging Program & supported by Master Faye Yip, President of the British Health Qigong Association.  It was well attended & with the added popularity from previous years, was held at a larger venue with a nice light space & good healthy food choices in the cafe.

Team Chi Clinic consisted of 9 players who entered the Health Qigong Group & Individual Events, Tai Chi 24 Forms at Beginners & Open level, Tai Chi 32 Sword Forms at Open level & Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan at Open level & Push Hands. We had a magnificent day of learning & friendship whether participating, spectating or judging. It was great to meet friends from all over the country & to make new ones too. Our team did extremely well both as a Group & Individually which earned us 17 medals in total, including Gold for our Health Qigong Group event with our team of 7 performing Ba Duan Jin (8 Treasures).  Vicky & James also earned the Silver & Bronze in the individual events both performing Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals Play).  Anne Norman & Les Powers entered for their first time in the individual event and both put in excellent performances, Anne just missing the medals.

We feel so proud of everyone who participated & although it is lovely to earn a medal, it is the friendship, taking part & practicing the arts we love & which are so beneficial to our health, happiness & life that is important! 

Most enjoyable at the competition was to meet up with friends from other clubs, from all over the country, to appreciate each others demonstrations, technique & improved ability & share a great experience! 

Thanks must go to the organisers who did an excellent job as well as the judges & a special mention to Master Faye for her time, expertise in judging & feedback of our technique for areas of improvement.

Health Qigong 5 Animals Play
One Day Seminar for Improvers
Saturday 10th May 2014
By Vicky Ahern
BHQA Authorised Wu Qin Xi Instructor Revalidation Trainer
Assisted by James Norman, BHQA Instructor


This was our third 5 Animals Play One Day Seminar, although this time it was specifically for Improvers & BHQA Instructors to Revalidate their teaching certificates which is a requirement for continued learning & progression within our association.  Instructors travelled from Yorkshire, Walsall, Swanage, London & Middlesex as well as students from Bedfordshire & also the local area here.  It was great to teach at a higher level, that everyone had covered this system before as our regular students are getting to grips with the movements, practicing in between our monthly Half Day seminars & of course the instructors already have experience to a higher level. 
Learning Qigong is about learning in layers, as one can never know it all & realise all the small adjustments of the movements, breathing & mental focus, therefore we are all always improving through our own practice & study between seminars & lessons.  Each person works within their own comfort zones & physical capabilities to be the best they can be and to improve with time & effort.
We worked on improving our understanding of the physical movements as through correct practice comes better health benefits & more enjoyment.  A rewarding & enjoyable day was had by all.


Health Qigong - 5 Animals Play One Day Seminar

Saturday 16th November 2013 @ Cheam Priory Centre

with Vicky Ahern & James Norman


This was our second 5 Animals Play One Day Seminar.  Half of the participants returned to experience another layer of this fun & interesting Qigong system, realising & feeling the movements which started to make more sense, the other half were learning for the first time.  Everyone enjoyed their learning & practice, getting into the spirit of the animals & learning the step by step movements, fitting them together & practicing in small groups, helping each other.  We performed the sequence as every animal was visited, until the whole form was practiced by all as the finale - a great accomplishment!  Well done everyone!

Here are a few comments of feedback received since the seminar. 

'What a wonderful teaching partnership.  I really enjoyed the day today.  An enjoyable and fun form which I really connected to, thanks to your delivery'.

'Thank you everyone for making it such a good, fun and instructional day - this time the animal movements seemed much easier & I am really enjoying the exercises'.


The 2nd Health Qigong Seminar for European Instructors held in Porto, Portugal
on 21st - 28th October 2013


Vicky was fortunate to be one of 4 BHQA Instructors to be selected to travel to Porto with Master Tary Yip to represent the UK at this prestigious Seminar hosted by the Federacao Portuguesa De Artes Marciais Chinesas (FPAMC) & Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA).  This week long Seminar was a fantastic opportunity to be trained, graded & critiqued by the highest level Professors from China.  We trained & were examined in 4 Health Qigong Systems - Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang (Taiji Stick) by Prof. Wang Yulin, of Tsinghua University, Beijing - Shi Er Duan Jin (12 Seated Brocade) by Prof. Yang Bailong of Beijing Sports University & Liu Zi Jue (6 Healing Sounds) & Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa (12 Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises) by Prof. Hu Xiaofei of Beijing Sports University.  All Professors are at the top of their field, passionate, detailed & thorough in their teaching which made for interesting & intense training from 8 am until 7.30 pm, most days.  68 European Instructors participated from 12 different countries with translation from Chinese into English by Master Tary Yip who has a natural talent & was well received by the participants for his upbeat, friendly & professional approach being 'the mouth' of each Professor (a crucial job!).
The British team lead by Master Tary Yip, consisted of Vicky Ahern, Barbara Shields from Liverpool, Penny Youssef from Swanage & Inger Johanne Vesje from Norway, who all met at British Health Qigong Association Instructor Training which is held in April each year in Wolverhampton. We were privileged to be personally prepared, being trained by Master Faye Yip for 3 whole days a couple of weeks before the trip in her new 'Retreat Hub' in Telford which was interesting, fun & helped to gel the team for the trip.  We had an amazing time, a trip to remember, meeting other Instructors from all over Europe.  We also gave a team performance of 12 Step Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong at the Banquet on the Saturday night which went smoothly considering we only had 24 hours to plan & perform together.

Health Qigong - Ba Duan Jin
8 Treasures / 8 Pieces of Brocade
Half Day Seminar with Master Faye Yip
President - British Health Qigong Association


On Sunday 29th September 2013 at Cheam Priory Centre, we were delighted to welcome back Master Faye to teach an afternoon of Health Qigong.  Starting with a calm, relaxed & focused way of regulating our mind, body & breathing, Faye introduced the uniqueness of Qigong over other movement activities by encouraging us to experience for ourselves whilst gently guiding us with her soothing voice.  We then went through each of the movements of the form, coming back to the original posture & focus before being given information of benefits, Chinese medicine relationships & tips for good practice & improvement.  There were aspects for deeper layers of practice for experienced practitioners as well as simple explanations & guidance for those new to these 'Treasures". 
Each person went away having learned or having had their own insights.
Thanks go to Faye for sharing her expertise, time & passion for these arts.

Health Qigong - 5 Animals Play One Day Seminar

Saturday 22nd June 2013 @ Cheam Priory Centre

with Vicky Ahern & James Norman


Vicky & James were originally introduced to Health Qigong - 5 Animals Play whilst in Beijing in 2009 by Prof Li Deyin as part of a specialised Tai Chi & Qigong Training & Sightseeing Trip arranged & organised by Master Tary Yip of Tai Chi Link / Deyin Taijiquan Institute.  We took this Qigong into our hearts & have been practicing ever since, learning at every opportunity with Masters visiting from China & with Masters Faye & Tary Yip.  Vicky was privileged to be invited to Beijing in 2011 to be taught by the chief compiler of this modern version of the Wu Qin Xi, Prof Yu Ding Hai, which was a great honour.  Together, Vicky & James attended the 4 day intensive Instructor Training Course with tuition by Prof Zhaung Yong Chang in April 2012 & were certificated to teach by the British Health Qigong Association. 

Although we have both been teaching this style within our regular weekly classes, this was our first One Day Seminar and we both tremendously enjoyed the day.  We are lucky to have such good students to share our experiences with & look forward to continuing our development together. 
Here are a few comments of feedback received since the seminar. 

"Thank you for such a well organised seminar which was most enjoyable"

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the workshop yesterday. 
What a lovely day!  What great teaching from both of you and what fun! 
Who could wish for more?"

"I think I speak for everyone by saying that James & Vicky performed, taught & helped each of us with patience, talent & enthusiasm that they demonstrate each and every session that I have had the pleasure of being part of.  In their own inimitable style, they dissected each animal form into individual movements that when brought together captured the essence of the animal it portrayed – from the fierceness & courage of the Tiger; the elegant & noble Deer; the suppressed energy & strength of the Bear; the playfulness & resourcefulness of the Monkey, and; the grace & lightness of the Crane.  It is definitely one style I’ll cherish and practice everyday because each animal has elements and reflections in the daily life of each and every one of us. 
Thank you, both of you…"

"I would like to pass on my gratitude for your Seminar of the 5 Animals on Saturday 22nd June.  The idea of spending a whole day learning a complete style of Health Qigong was very concerning.  I didn't know if I would cope with the physical demands let alone the intellectual!  I have to say that you both made the day a wonderful experience.  My fears were unfounded as you both delivered the teachings in such a sympathetic way.  I am still surprised we completed the forms and I am looking forward to practicing & improving my technique.  I enjoyed learning with you both & the wonderful group of students I was able to laugh with as we progressed through the day.  Thank you so much."

The annual London Competition for Traditional Taijiquan has a Health Qigong category which is the first of its kind in the UK.  For the second year running, both Vicky & James entered this friendly competition, this year with BHQA colleagues from Derby & Manchester.  We had both improved our techniques from last year which was shown in the points awarded by the judges, including Masters Faye & Tary Yip (President & Vice-President of the BHQA).  Vicky was awarded the Gold & James joint Silver with Carol Gascoyne from Derby. 
A great day was had by all who came along with us to support & participate as Team Chi Clinic.  Next year, we are planning on entering one of the Group events, so if you are interested in learning to competition standard, then get along to our classes, practice regularly, see your health & fitness improving & become part of the team!  We are happy to teach simply for fun & health benefits too (ie: it is not compulsory to compete).


London Competition for Traditional Taijiquan & Health Qigong 2012
For the first time, Vicky & James entered the Health Qigong Open category of the
London Competition with their
Wu Qin Xi - 5 Animals Play & were rewarded with Gold & Silver certificates.
This is the first opportunity of Health Qigong competition in the UK, as in China Health Qigong is recognised as a National Sport.  It is good to have a goal to work towards, to help with focusing your mind, improving your practice & technique.  It is a great day out where you can meet other players, share the experience & celebrate each others different expression of the arts.  There is also the opportunity of having your technique & skill assessed by the President of the British Health Qigong Association,
Master Faye Li Yip & other judges from the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. 

21ST APRIL 2012


The Festival was held in the grounds of Bourne Hall in Ewell, a popular & excellent venue for such events.  Our thanks to the staff for their help.
Nearly 300 people from all over the UK attended
the biggest ever held in the UK!


The Worshipful Madam Mayor of Epsom Councillor Sheila Carlson with Mr Wang Lan, Vice-President of the Chinese Health Qigong Association & Master Faye Li Yip, President of the British Health Qigong Association.

From left to right - Mr Peter Warr, Vice Chairman Technical Commission, International Wushu Federation. Mr Miao Deyu, Consellor & Deputy Director of Political Section, Chinese Embassy in London. The Worshipful Lord Mayor of Epsom Councillor Sheila Carlson. Mr Wang Lan, Vice-President Chinese Health Qigong Assoc. Master Faye Li Yip, President British Health Qigong Assoc.

Cheam Health Qigong Seminars on Sunday 22nd April 2012
with Master Zhuang Yong Chang


 At the arrangement of the British Health Qigong Association & Chi Clinic, we were pleased to receive Master Zhuang Yong Chang of Yang Sheng Institute @ Beijing Sports University on behalf of the Chinese Health Qigong Association.   Master Zhuang attended our seminar held @ Cheam Priory Centre to teach Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals Frolics) in the morning & Ba Duan Jin (8 Treasures) Health Qigong in the afternoon.  He taught in a clear & concise way with very good humour & understanding of different levels of technical ability as there were absolute beginners present & also Health Qigong instructors, all of whom left having learned another layer of understanding or as we say 'with some nuggets'.  We would like to thank Master Zhuang for sharing his expertise with us & making it such an enjoyable experience.  

We would also like to pay a tribute to Masters Faye & Tary Yip for their unceasing & enthusiastic work in the promotion of the Health Qigong & Tai Chi internationally.

1st Health Qigong Seminar for International Instructors
Beijing - 12th - 20th December 2011


Vicky was invited to travel to Beijing with Master Faye Yip (President of BHQA) & colleague Carol Gascoyne from Derby.  We were sponsored by the Chinese Health Qigong Association for this seminar, the first of its kind, where 124 instructors from 31 countries met to learn & share the experience.  We were treated to six full days Instructor training seminars from 8am til 6pm in 3 of the CHQA Health Qigong forms - Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals Play) by Prof Yu Ding Hai, Liu Zi Jue (6 Healing Sounds) by Prof Zhang Ming Liang & the newly compiled Shi Er Duan Jin (12 Brocade) by Prof Yang Bai Long.  These teachers are the highest authority on the modernised CHQA forms & the guys who perform on the official training dvd's.  Their teaching which was clear, concise & in depth was given with good humour and their explanation of the history, application & benefits was extensive.  At the end of each seminar every instructor was tested to show their capability in each routine & a pass had to be achieved in all 3 routines to qualify.  114 instructors managed to achieve this, including us.


As an important component of Chinese culture with a long history, Health Qigong is a traditional Chinese national sport whose main form is the combination of the postures of the body, control of breath, and regulation of the mind. 

Qigong is time-honoured.  Archaeological findings show the coloured portraits of practicing Qigong on the coloured gallipots in the period of Majiayao Culture (about 5,000 years ago), which were excavated in Qinghai Province of China.  In the ancient Chinese classic Shangshu written in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 220 A.D.), there were literal records of Qigong.  In the cultural relics from the old tomb Ma Wang Dui in the Western Han Dynasty (206-24 B.C.), excavated in Changsha, Hunan Province, there were many descriptions on Qigong.

For thousands of years, Qigong has been immensely popular with people, especially those in middle age or elderly, playing an active role in helping them dispel diseases, promote health, and prolong their lives.  At the beginning of the new century, Chinese Health Qigong Association developed Four Health Qigong Exercises on the basis of excellent traditional Qigong, including Health Qigong· Yi Jin Jing (tendon-changing classic), Health Qigong· Wu Qin Xi (frolics of five animals), Health Qigong· Liu Zi Jue (the art of expiration in producing six different sounds), Health Qigong· Ba Duan Jin (eight excellent movements), to fit the people’s needs of promoting their health, physical fitness and to develop traditional Chinese national culture further. 

During the process of developing Four Health Qigong Exercises routines, we followed methods of scientific research strictly, and took Traditional Chinese Medicine, Modern Medicine, Psychology, Athletic Science and other related subjects as a guide, and performed certain primary experiments.  Four Health Qigong Exercises, the precious result of experts in various fields, in which their wisdom and labour have been brought together, have selected the essences from the related Qigong in various schools, inherited and developed traditional Chinese national culture.  They are popular in the experiments for their characteristics of abundant contents, elegant postures, remarkable effects, and movements that are easy to learn.

Health Qigong · Yi Jin Jing 

Yi Jin Jing is a method of health-building exercise that comes from ancient China, its purpose is to strengthen the muscles and tendons.  By the textual research, Yi Jin Jing germinated from regimens in the Qin (221 B.C.) and Han (220 B.C.) Dynasties. Legend goes that the monk Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen in China, advanced Yi Jin Jing, then the monks in Shaolin Temple developed it and used it for health promotion.  In the Tang (618-907) and Song (-1279) Dynasties, Yi Jin Jing developed greatly. It began to spread out of the temple from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1664). Yi Jin Jing has been greatly influencing the traditional Chinese national sports.  Health Qigong· Yi Jin Jing embodies the essence of traditional Yi Jin Jing 12 forms. It has been developed, simplified and standardized on the modern theory and methods of health science, so as to be a smooth and coherent set of movements.  Hence it is of more remarkable characteristics in health promotion.  When practicing Health Qigong· Yi Jin Jing, what should be emphasized is the movements of turning, bending and extending, pulling and drawing of the muscles, bones and joints, especially those of turning, bending and extending of the spine.  These actions, characterized by elegant, natural and smooth movements, being in good taste, and coupling hardness with softness, benefit regulating and controlling the function of the spine.  The flexible postures, the focussing of the mind and the frequency of breathing fit the needs of people of all ages and in different health conditions.  The result of scientific study shows that Health Qigong· Yi Jin Jing can improve the functions of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, increase the balancing ability, improve flexibility, muscular strength, improve the mood, decrease anxiety and depression.  Also, it plays an active role in healing some common diseases in the middle-aged and elderly people. 

Health Qigong - Wu Qin Xi

Wu Qin Xi (Frolics of Five Animals) was developed by Hua Tuo, the most famous doctor in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).  It imitates the actions of animals based on the habits of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird, and combines Tu Na (the art of expiration and inspiration) and Dao Yin (The movements of the limbs in Qigong) with the theories of Viscera, Channels and Collaterals, Qi and Blood in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Health Qigong·Wu Qin Xi embodies the essence of the traditional Wu Qin Xi, and combines the designed actions with the Aesthetics of the body and Modern Athletic Science.  It presents the scientific concept and the character of the modern time sufficiently and accords with the traditional principles of regulating the body, breath and mind in Qigong.  As a result, it fits the needs of people to promote their health.  The movements of Health Qigong· Wu Qin Xi are not restricted in the imitation of the behaviours of the animals, but try to present the spirit of the “five animals”.  It simulates the power of the tiger, the ease and comfort of the deer, the steadiness and calmness of the bear, the dexterity of the monkey and the agility of the bird.  The movements are gentle and unfold, harmonious and symmetrical, and its extent of physical exercise is suitable for most people.  The result of the scientific study shows that Health Qigong· Wu Qin Xi exerts an active influence on the people’s physiological functions, physical nature and state of mind. Moreover, after a period of practice, the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory system are enhanced; agility of the joints improved; and the vigour and grip power strengthened; psychological condition and self-confidence are built up.

Health Qigong - Liu Zi Jue

Liu Zi Jue (the art of expiration in producing six different sounds) is a traditional exercise of health promotion. It is practiced through the art of expiration. Liu Zi Jue is of a long history and has been spread widely. There existed the records of Liu Zi Jue in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589). During the process of its spread, the masters of medicine and regimen in various generations replenished and improved it in different aspects.  Based on the traditional Liu Zi Jue,  by the related modern scientific theories and methods, the order of the six characters, the pronunciation and the degree of lip-rounding have been regulated and standardized to make it more scientific and reasonable.  The six characters in the Health Qigong· Liu Zi Jue form a whole entity, and each of them is independent as well, and may be practiced separately. In respiration, pronunciation practice is being taken up with simple actions of Qigong. The respiration and actions can supplement and complement each other.  Scientific studies show that in general, the survival quality of the exercisers has been remarkably improved compared with that before they practice Liu Zi Jue. There is a trend of improvement in physical and psychological states, and in the human relations. Their family members live in harmony. Furthermore, the investigation about the healing of sick people shows that Health Qigong· Liu Zi Jue is helpful to middle-aged and elderly people who suffer from certain chronic diseases. 

Health Qigong - Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin (eight excellent movements) emerged before the Song dynasty (960-1279), and gradually developed to a perfect degree during the periods of the Ming(1368-) and Qing dynasties (-1911). Being a traditional health-promoting exercise jointly developed by the masters of the regimen and practitioners in the past dynasties, Ba Duan Jin, the treasure of the Chinese regimen culture is popular with the broad mass, for its movements are simple and easy to learn, and bring about good results in health-building.  Health Qigong· Ba Duan Jin embodies the essences of different schools, and preserves the formed movements and style in the main. On the bases of the Modern Athletic Science and physiology, the order of the movements has been changed and the amount of physical exercise regulated reasonably, so as to make it more suitable, effective and standardized.  The characteristics of movements of Health Qigong· Ba Duan Jin are gentle, slow, smooth and coherent, unfold and elegant; and it couples tension with relaxation, activeness with quietness.  Ba Duan Jin leads to good health by harmonious conjugation of mind, breath and movements.  Scientific studies show that Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin can enhance the functions of the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, build up the cellular immune function and the ability to resist senility, adjust the psychological state, strengthen the limbs and joints, and improve the equilibrium of the body. 

Statement by the British Health Qigong Association


It is important that anyone who wishes to practice any of these arts realises that there are physical requirements involved.  If you have any medical issues/conditions, you should consult your Doctor before commencing classes.  You must tell the instructors of any condition that may affect your ability to practice/take part.  The onus is upon you only to train/practice within your realistic ability & comfort zone.

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