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China Trip 2015

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China Trip 2015
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In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Grand Master Li Tian Ji

Our paying respects at the grave.

The grave marker of Li Tian Ji

The opening ceremony

The Chi Clinic was delighted to be asked to participate in this once in a lifetime event and to take to China our team to compete in our first international competition.

The celebrations took place in Beijing with top masters from all over the world taking part.  We went with Master Faye Li Yip , the President of British Health Qigong Association and Founder of the Deyin Institute and the Chinese Cultural Institute in UK. We were honoured to be invited to make a personal visit to the memorial head stone in Beijing cemetery with the family. Several of our party of some 43 from Great Britain went to the ancestral home and all were invited to local Kung Fu Schools.  To be escorted by local police cars as respected guests was something of a real novelty and showed the high regard for this lineage.

Our excellent team competed and took two Bronze medals in the 24 forms and Ba Duan Jin events.  Following a week in Beijing, training with the top lineage masters we went on to Wudang Mountain with Master Tary Yip where we trained with Taoist Master Zhang. 

This special trip, arranged for the Centenary celebrations was for all of those who had the privilege of attending, well organised by Tary and Faye and there will be other trips.  On each we are given the opportunity to train with top masters and to progress our knowledge of the arts.

Climbing the Great Wall

The view from the approach and lake.

Our Chi Clinic Team.


A viewof Wudang

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