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Chi-Do is the culmination of 60 years of training in a multitude of different systems of Martial Arts and is a study of the integration of Chi energy, the geometry of movement, sports science, Fibonacci and calculus in the examination of the fundamentals of all movement.  The philosophy is one of Mercy from a Position of Strength.

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Classes are held each Sunday morning from 10.30 to 1pm.  The classes commence with a set of physical exercises designed to improve fitness, dexterity, ability to move correctly and to find the elusive 'Centre'.  Then we train in the movements of Chi-Do with partner work to practice the effectiveness. 
The syllabus is vast and includes virtually all that you will need to be able to practice any martial anywhere in the world with dignity and ability.  The philosophy is important and meditations are taught.  Tai Chi Chuan and elements of Chin Na, Aikido, Karate and Iron Shirt for strength of mind and body. 
The senior instructors, Vicky 2nd Dan has been training in this art for 18 years, Paul Smith 2nd for 20 years, James Norman 1st for over 10 years and the Master who has 60 years experience.


Please ring us or let us know by email if you wish to join our select group.  Suitable for men and women over the age of 14.  No kids classes.  A small groups of dedicated people who want to learn, who turn up early for class and are prepared to commit long term.