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In this article I will try to explain the almost unexplainable in a way that I hope many of you will be able to follow.

Chi, that word which is often mispronounced but commonly said a "Chee" has been the source of mystery, disbelief and conversely a false belief for centuries.  If one tries to find it on an English-Chinese dictionary you will find hundreds of different characters in common use.  This is simply because all things are a manifestation of Chi. 
Some will try to define chi as simply life force.  Others may try to suggest that it is the result of some force that creates energy.  Others may say it is impossible and that anything to do with chi is pure fiction or delusion.  To look solely at the Yin Yang symbol in its simplicity as the Yin (Black) depicting a state before existence and the Yang (White) as the result of creation is to lose sight of the myriad legends and belief systems around the globe attempting to describe the origin of all things. 
In the light of physics, the darkness may be likened to a state wherein there are small particles of energy but in a state of total inertness.  No movement, no light, no power, no temperature and no observer.  If that state existed 4.5billion years ago, then all we are talking about is the duration that this galaxy has been in existence and what was there before is a mystery that has confounded thinkers for millennia. So, if in this state of absolute stillness, two muons of energy meet and some sort of mass is the result, then that mass will attract other muons to it until enough mass is accumulated to create a gravitational force necessary to collapse the particle in upon themselves to produce light.  Then we study the nature of light and how energy is imparted from one place to another. 
In this state, there is is the indescribable aether of ancient alchemy.  Think of it as a swimming pool full of water in which all other moves relative only to the density of the water.  it acts as a vehicle to connect all parts of existence and it autonomous.  The earth and all planets move within this medium and accordingly, all laws of relativity have this flaw which is sufficient to cause doubt upon each.  Whether one follows Einstein or Newton is a matter then of belief until one or other is disproven or both. So when we say Chi is all things, that is exactly what is meant.  All things, all actions, all thought, all matter is chi and have chi.
The energetic field of the human body may be seen if one places the hands with fingers opposing at a small distance apart and looks with 'soft' eyes between against a neutral background, such as a dark coloured carpet with no pattern.  This is the refraction of the bio electric energy and is only visible because of the water vapour in the air.  Hence the colours one sees in the aura follow the prismatic or rainbow colours and these in turn are attributed to the chakras.  Red, Orange,Yellow,Green, Blue, Indigo and White.  It is not the entire picture of eternal chi but merely, a small part that is taught to beginners.

Water element chi

Element chi

Ok, so there is a very quick overview.  Lets put this another way, as a child at school I vexed the teachers with, as thousands of other impertinent schoolboys have done in quite innocence, saying " If God created everything, where did he come from?".  I hasten that this is no argument against religion but a simple question.  Have Faith was the only answer given. 

 So,  I posited then that everything that could be perceived could exist within the striking of a match in a larger world.  Consider this well as it answers many questions.  The intent is to strike the match to create fire.  Someone has to conceive of that action and put together all of the components, the wood and the phosphorous, the box and the label, the marketing, the selling and the use.  Upon the striking, a flame is created that has a certain duration.  That is the beginning and end of time as far as that flame is concerned. Anything within it will exist only in that time frame and be lost to emission of heat, light and sound with residue of combusted material.  The state of matter is changed by oxidation and carbonisation.

No intent to create life, no appreciation of what goes on in the combustion process and once done, the action is consigned to the past, with no other value. This merely illustrates the need for an open mind and a willingness to accept what is presented to you within your practice as your own findings and not learned from others or expected to behave or sense what others feel.  Each person will feel energy differently and that will change often.

In Tai Chi and Qigong, one is shown certain forms that follow the general principles of the formation of chi, often labelled "Hot Chi" where the sensation is felt in the palms.  That is the opening of the portal to a whole different world view.  Exercises follow that enhance the ability to process chi and elaborate upon the nature of general chi. 

Then there is the chi of interaction with others.  The vexing argument between friends has chi.  The understanding and compassion toward another is chi. The construction of an idea is chi.  A movement has chi.  Then there is the ability to harness enough chi to be able to assist others to health with Wei Chi Lau Fa or "Hands of Light" healing practices.  These involve an element of skill and understanding of the nature of illness and how kind words and alleviation of stress may benefit the person in need. In the classes we explore chi in may ways and use it for good health and a condition of mind that is generous and merciful to others. 

Thought is chi and the old expression of "Yi precedes Chi" has been said in different ways many times.  An artist may bring to others through the medium of art a concept, an idea, a picture that started as a thought.  I asked my students over the years to state clearly if there was ever an original thought and to contemplate consciousness and novelty as a rearrangement of already formed concepts. 

When asked in 1995 to teach what I know, I said " How does one explain that which has no language, cares not if it is understood, is the progenitor of all existence and will be there long after all observers have died out".  The only way is to allow others to feel for themselves through precise postures and meditations.  In the words of Lau Tse, "The Tao that can be described is not the true Tao".



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